2017 Egg Share

Our eggs come from our flock of laying hens that serve as our organic pest control on our pasture. They feed on insects that they scavenge from the pasture and forage (clover, orchard grass, chicory). We also supplement them with organic-certified feed to reach energy needs of the chickens. Resulting from their diet and exercise, these eggs have dark yolks and strong whites for top-notch quality!

  • Farm Fresh, Organic and Locally Fed
    • The Best You Can Find!
  • Clean assortment of brown, white, and green/blue eggs
  • Quarter, Half, or Full Year Options
    • 13 weeks worth (every other week)
    • 26 weeks worth (May-Oct)
    • 52 weeks worth 
    • Sign-up at any time (even after the start, we'll keep track!)
  • Order as many dozens as you like!
  • Save 10%!
  • Weekly Delivery/Pick-up Locations:
    • On Farm
    • Monticello (Public Library) 3-7pm every Tuesday
    • New Glarus (TBD) 3:15-7pm every Tuesday
    • Belleville (TBD) 3:30-7pm every Tuesday
    • Paoli (TBD) 3:45-7pm every Tuesday
    • Madison (TBD) 4-7:30pm every Tuesday
    • Monroe (Farmer's Market on the Square) 8am-1pm every Saturday

Quarter Year Share

13 Weeks ($4.50/dozen)


  • Sold Out

Half Year Share

26 Weeks ($4.50/dozen)


  • Sold Out

Full Year Share

52 Weeks ($4.50/dozen)


  • Sold Out