Pastured Poultry

Organically and Locally Fed


Diverse Flock

Chicken Instincts

The Best Eggs & Meat Around

Living Environment

Our chickens are both producers of goods and services on our farm. They are tasked with a few things: eat insects to reduce pests, tear up cow-pies, and fertilize our pastures. Lucky for us, they are more than willing to do just these things! They follow behind our herd of cattle to produce eggs and behind our sounder of swine to produce meat while just being chickens. Chickens want to peck, scratch, and do all types of chicken things which they are deprived of in a confined or indoor setting. They have a  portable greenhouse, where they lay their eggs and roost for the night. We allow our chickens to live out their instincts and help out our entire farm's health at the same time. Duality at its fines!

We supplement our chickens' diets with certified organic grain. No antibiotics or hormones are fed to our chickens. The large percentage of forage and insects in their diet results in a super rich egg, with a deep orange yolk and strong whites. 

Meat Birds

We raise Jumbo Cornish Crosses. They are raised in chicken tractors (pics below) that are moved multiple times per day. This allows for the birds to be protected from predators and the elements, but also have fresh forage and access to insects and a clean living environment.