Our Vision

Why do we do what we do? Simple: we believe that we are creating a better world and future.

A world and future with vibrant and thriving communities, robust relationships, food that contributes to vitality, and resilient and vigorous land. There are hundreds and thousands of others around the world that have embarked on a new way of living and producing food that creates a beautiful living environment. It is accomplished by working with nature and the land, committing to meaningful work, and sharing the surplus. We can't do this alone. Luckily, we aren't alone.

Aerial View of New Forest Farm, in Viola, WI. A model that inspires the future of Green Fire Farm.
Aerial View of New Forest Farm, in Viola, WI. A model that inspires the future of Green Fire Farm.

Restoration Agriculture

We work closely with a Wisconsin non-profit, the Savanna Institute to plan the restorative future of Green Fire Farm. We could not describe restoration agriculture any better than they have:

"Restoration Agriculture is the intentional restoration of healthy, functional ecosystems as the context for economically viable farm operations. Perennial crops, livestock, fungus, and pollinators are integrated to produce abundant food, fiber, and fuel and simultaneously restore critical ecosystem services such as carbon sequestration, water purification and infiltration, nutrient cycling, and biodiversity.


Rather than perpetuating the separation of nature and humans, this system attempts to break down the dichotomy between ecological restoration and agriculture. This concept has grown and evolved out of fields such as agroecology, agroforestry, permaculture, silvopasture, carbon farming, and ecological restoration, but the application of this paradigm to large-scale industrial agriculture is a relatively new idea."

Savanna Institute

A Resilient & Robust Farm

Inspired by permaculture and Regrarian methods, we model after natural ecosystems, tall grass prairies and oak savannas, and their dynamic functions. Our farm not only aims to weather the ups and downs of Wisconsin seasons, but grow and regenerate while doing it! On top of this, the local environment including the soil, water, air, and wildlife benefits! The best thing about caring for the land? An abundance of food! Bacon. Steaks. Eggs. Drumsticks. Apples. Chestnuts. And Much More!

Agriculture Supporting the Community (ASC)

A common local food model is the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) where members of a community purchase a share of a farm's produce. It's a great thing, we offer a meat and egg CSA, but we want to put our own twist on it: the ASC! We want to support the local community through education, advocacy, and Fair Share! As we get our feet under us, we hope to give back to our community my incubating and fostering students and start-up businesses.

The diversity of our products also offers the opportunity for stimulating the local economy through potential value-added streams. With the potential production of the farm and the help of a few other local farms, numerous small businesses could be supported in our local economy and contribute to a flourishing community!