A Bit Like College: Picking Up Chicks

We welcomed 110 pinballs of energy this week to Green Fire Farm! These lil girls will grow and mature through the winter and be primed to start doing what they do best come spring: eat bugs and lay eggs!


They are an absolute joy to sit and watch. I used my own bird brain and pondered what it would be like to be a chick in another life. Though non-conclusive, I figure it would be quite the adventure.  Everything is so incredibly new and learning abounds! To be quite capable and precocious (able to drink, eat, and move on your own) as a new member of this world would be a lot different than our experiences as a human baby. And it is like that for everyone around you. I imagine it to be a great atmosphere! I'm anthropomorphizing here, but I can see their dialogue playing out like this:

"Woah, Chicken Little, come over here! Have you seen this?! Drink it, man!"

"Dude! Look how fast I can run!"

"The ground is so bouncy. It's like I live on a TRAMPOLINE!!!"

"I'm so hungry! Food!" *Inhales feed*


Now that I think about it, it sounds a lot like college!


Chicks arrive only a day or two old (depending on shipping distance) and need water, feed, plenty of bedding, and heat. It's not rocket science and can be set up in just a few hours.

Observation is key after they arrive. Being able to catch any problems before they catch hold of the entire flock is essential. Lethargy, crowding under the heat lamps, and sticky and poopy butts are big red flags. Sleeping chicks are huge scares, but are almost always false alarms!

The good thing is that chicken chicks are usually pretty hardy after reaching their second or third day. Give them what they want and need and they do the rest!

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